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If you are looking for a nice plan to let go of your anger, with chill, ridding and party, this capsule event initiated by Canyon and the Natural Games is dedicated to you! With its huge « fanbase » and relieved of traditions and habits, Canyon lands on the Natural Games, without fear and without reproach, to wake up the last sleepers with an ultra friendly gravel concept, at the outdoor set up « Millau land of Gravel ». Sometimes you have to choose to step out of the box. To avoid sclerosis, to prove that there can be life outside of contests, new impulses, a desire to shake things up, get a brandnew image of the region which is not only a postcard landscape, but also a place where people live, work, have fun, and do not necessarily feel concerned by mainstream models. There is an audience, a fury just waiting to manifest itself, and above all actors ready to break down prejudices and re-wild the lunar spots of Larzac on the back of gravel, in adventurer mode, good food, pure local drink and smile over the shoulder. Registration and complete information on this open air trip on