Étienne de Crecy is a key player in the international electronic scene. In twenty years his journey has been in constant evolution, the French producer symbolizes major albums of the world’s electronics: Pansoul (with Philipe Zdar under the name Motorbass), Superdiscount, Tempovision, Superdiscount 2.
He is also the author of about thirty top hits and has made about forty remixes for artists like Kraftwerk, Air, Moby, or Lil ‘louis. Recognized for the eclecticism and efficiency of his productions, Etienne de Crecy is a passionate DJ, appreciated by the public. His live Beats’n’cubes has become a worldwide reference for live electronic performances.


Musician of the electronic scene in Paris since the 2000s, Kavinsky was quickly noticed by his 80’s sounds relating with those of Testarossa Autodrive in a true climactic, turning point. He has remixed several times by Mr. Oizo, Arpanet, A-trak or Sebastian. In 2007, he shared the stage with Klaxons and Sebastian in the first part of the world tour of Daft punk. Then in 2010 came Nightcall; which was an extended play for which one of the two helmeted heroes, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, added some of his own style to it. The flagship title, Nightcall (with the voice of Lovefoxxx, the singer of CSS), is held by Cliff Martinez, the former drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, responsible for building the original band of Drive, the film of success by Nicolas Winding Refn , which was made famous due to cars in Los Angeles and Ryan Gosling. With his huge success, Kavinsky accepted by NRJ, and signed at Universal.
Long regarded as an outsider, Kavinsky is today one of those who must be followed closely.



Step aside! Former Skip the use group leader, Mat Bastard, presents his first solo project: “Loov”. Mat Bastard has been known as a punk, rocker and stage beast, but it’s mostly his producer’s hat that he has worn best for the last two years. Established for several years in the US, he has written and composed for various artists such as Jenifer, Amandine Bourgeois, Sophie Tith, Bassjackers, but also for cinema (Zombillenium). Now he comes back with an eclectic record: a digest of everything that has built the artist you know today. To this, add his recent discoveries, favorites, and a slight Californian influence. In this new album, Mat Bastard has been able to mix different genres to make a seamless record of rock, rap, electro and reggae. The result is rock (at the same time, coming from him, we did not expect less) and edgy!





After much time apart, these two legends of urban culture: Joey Starr and Morvilous, meet on the stage of the Natural Games #winter for an ever more powerful and technical set that will unleash the crowds.



“Mozambo” is a mix of Mozart and Rimbaud, a cross between jazz, electronic music and deep house. Well-accepted since 2014 by Bakermat, Kygoou still Gamper & Dadoni, the Marseille trio has managed to make a place for itself in the musical landscape “Melodic house” worldwide. After having chained the remixes to several million views including “Latch” British duo Disclosure or “So flute” Saint Germain, their collaboration with Kungsou Basic Tape, to name just a few, have only confirmed the effectiveness of these staunchly melodious rhythms with expertly composed guitar riffs.



The electro-pop group Jabberwocky instinctively strokes the beats and consolidates a recipe already proven on his new album Make-make. Originally, there were three friends and an absurd poem taken from Lewis Carroll’s book, On the Other Side of the Mirror. It is under the name of the chimerical monster Jabberwocky, that Camille, Emmanuel and Simon, became known thanks to the piece Photomaton. Gimmick musical, obvious chorus and evanescent song, the piece broadcasted on the internet became a hit even before their authors actually formed a group. With their new album Make-make – a reference to a creative divinity on Easter Island and a play on words with the English verb, “to make”: Make – the band takes its recipe by speeding up the tempo. This time, the singers are Tessa b., Elisa Jo, Anna Majidson, Allyson Ezel or Justine Mauvin, and as in the house, they are unknown to the general public. Should we or not, “(take) guard the Jabberwock, my son! To his mouth that bites, to his claws that snap! “(On the other side of the mirror, Lewis Carroll).

Faut-il ou pas, “(prendre) garde au Jabberwock, mon fils ! À sa gueule qui mord, à ses griffes qui happent !” (De l’autre côté du miroir, Lewis Carroll)


The day begins and forgotten synthesizers hover over a sleepy city. Behind the vertical concrete and the tinted windows, a ray breaks the night. Then, sounds that echo, dew of iron and fog. And a soft voice like a stroke torn from reality. Dj Pone (formerly Birdy Nam Nam) is back with “Radiant” a captivating album to be discovered live on the stage of the Natural Games #winter.



LDj Cut Killer, de son vrai nom Anouar Hajoui, est devenu en quinze ans le DJ hip-hop français le plus connu de la scène internationale. DJ Cut Killer découvre le rap quand il est jeune avec Dj Dee Nasty et commence à côtoyer les scènes où s’implante ce nouveau phénomène musical. Progressivement et à coup de petits boulots pour payer ses études et ses platines, Dj Cut Killer contribue au développement du rap et du hip-hop, et rencontre des figures montantes comme MC Solaar. Sa carrière est déjà lancée quand il participe au film « La Haine » de Mathieu Kassovitz, avec sa célèbre mixtape « Assassin de la Police ». DJ Cut Killer continue son ascension sur la scène internationale et décide de devenir producteur en lançant un label de production du nom de Double H. Avec ses mixtapes et son sens du DJing, Dj Cut Killer continue de s’imposer comme le cador de la scène hip-hop internationale puisqu’il fait salle comble même aux Etats-Unis.