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Payments will be done with a personalized card available on site, which will be your electronic wallet.
• Before the festival: if you have taken your ticket on our website or facebook page, enter your ticket number to automatically synchronize your information and recharge your card.
• During the festival : present the qr code (on the cashless module), or your id card get your cashless card. For non-competitors, an activation rate of € 2 will be applied. You have not created your cashless account? No problem, you can ever recover an unchaptered card on cashless banks on site.
• After the festival: you can get a claim fair for 14 days after the event. This year reimbursement is allowed whatever the loading mode is!


By the A75 highway from South: Exit n° 47
By the A75 highway from North: Exit n° 45
Type “Natural Games” in your GPS!

Either way, use public transport as much as posible. The advantages are: environment preservation, reduction of transport costs, meetings and conviviality.
Whether it’s carpooling, train, bus or even hitchhiking, they all bring conversation, and therefore new meets, with people we might not have met during day life.

Find our guide to choose your eco-transport and the Tictactrip comparator which integrates and compares all modes of transport to find the best route for you!

Four parking lots are located near the festival site. They are completely free and open 24 hours a day.Go to the Info page > Plan to find them

I come by motocycle, is there a dedicated car park? NO

I come by bike, is there a dedicated car park? NO

I am a Person with Reduced Mobility is there dedicated parking? YES under the Larzac bridge (50 A Avenue Louis Balsan 12100 Millau)

Unfortunately, the location of the festival make it impossible to offer an official festival camping. But don’t be worry! Millau, touristic town, offers many accommodation options: campsites, bed and breakfasts, hotels, lodges, couchsurfing, there is something for everyone and every budget. For an overview,check #EXPLOREMILLAU page.

Is it possible to do wild camping around the event?
Wild camping near the festival is prohibited by the Aveyron authority. The organization is not responsible for what happens outside the festival site. Anyone practicing wild camping can be sued.

The festival site is open from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m. from Thursday June 23 to Saturday June 25 (access to the festival possible until 2 a.m.) and from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday June 26 2022. From 11 p.m., only the concert area will remain accessible to the public and the exhibitor village will be closed.

Three years ago, we made the choice to integrate cashless payment into our festival. Credit card payments are still possible at restaurant and exhibitors stand. The bars on the concert area side only accept cashless payments.To find out more, go to the Info page > Cashless.

Can we be reimbursed for the extramoney remaining on our cashless card after the festival?
Yes of course. PLEASE NOTE: reimbursement is not automatic. You have up to 15 days after the festival to request it on our website for any amount over €3.

Entrance for people with reduced mobility: works were carried out in 2021 with the creation of a new footbridge and platforms fitted out for people with reduced mobility. All you have to do is access the festival by entrance A, from the quays sully chaliès where many free car parks are next by. In addition, a dedicated platform will allow the public in wheelchairs to watch the concerts and sports finals.


◊Are there shaded areas on the festival site?

Yes, our site, and in particular the island that hosts the festival village, is equipped with many trees and shaded areas to take a good nap.

◊ Can we swim in the Tarn river which runs alongside the festival?

The river is accessible from the beach of the exhibitor village and will be accessible and supervised from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., don’t forget your swimsuit and your unicorn buoy!

◊ Where to return/pick up lost/found items?

The found/lost property space is located at the festival reception. Once the festival is over, the remaining objects will be given to the Millau city police.

Since 2018, we have chosen to integrate cashless payment into our festival. Credit card payments are still possible at restaurant and exhibitor stands as well as at bars in the exhibitor village. On the other hand, the bars in the concert area will only accept cashless cards.

If you took your ticket on our website or facebook page, enter your ticket number to automatically synchronize your information and recharge your card upstream. Note that the creation of an online account remains optional and can be done whenever you wish before the festival. On the cashless banks of the festival, present the QR code (present on the cashless module), or your identity document to recover your pre-loaded cashless card.

You haven’t created your cashless account? No problem, you can still recover a non-pre-loaded card from the cashless banks on site and recharge them by credit card or cash.

Can we be reimbursed for the surplus remaining on our cashless card after the festival?
Yes of course. PLEASE NOTE: reimbursement is not automatic. You have up to 15 days after the festival to request it via our website with your account for any amount over €3. If you haven’t created an account, you can do so using the 6-letter identifier on your bracelet.


◊ Is it possible to use the bracelet from another event?

No, it is impossible to use a bracelet other than the one provided during the event.

◊ Is there a charge for the bracelet?

Yes, the activation fee for your card is €2 for non-competitors.

◊ How do I take care of my card?

Your card is equipped with an electronic chip in which your money is stored. Take care of it to avoid inconvenience! Avoid any exposure to heat or flame and above all do not attempt to pierce it: this will immediately render it inoperative.

The Klub will be open all day until 11 p.m. for the general public. 300 bracelets will also be distributed each day to the public for access until 3:00 a.m. The perfect spot to enjoy the music and the sun!
Find all the info on the Music page > The Klub.

If you are a student organization looking to bring your students together (at least once a year), you have a great opportunity. In the absence of an integration weekend, propose a Disintegration weekend! It will be the party of the year (literally) for a gift rate and guaranteed fun.
Want more information? Remplissez le formulaire disponible qui vous permettra de nous contacter.

Whether they are located in the concert area or the NG village, we offer you more than fifteen stands, ready to satisfy your appetite from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m. non-stop. On the menu: burgers, fries, crepes, aligot, pasta, meat, falafels, charcuterie and cheese boards, but also travel around the world with international food stand ! For those who are fueled by sugar, don’t worry, you will also find your happiness between churros, waffles and homemade sheep’s milk ice cream.
Vegetarian and vegan dishes will of course be available at certain restaurants.

◊ Can I bring my food to the festival?

Due !

As usual, the NG bar crew will be on starting blocks to fill your cup with soft drinks, beer or wine.
Water will be free at the bars and water points to fill your water bottles in order to stay hydrated!
This year, to promote the return of reusable cups (yes, the goal is that we can reuse them, not that you build a China Great Wall with your collection) and therefore reduce our environmental impact, the deposit eco-cups will be 2€. (Cup hunters are going to be happy!)

◊ Reminder: It is forbidden to enter the festival with alcohol. This year, all plastic bottles are banned. To refresh yourself, your soft drinks must be in reusable containers.

Find all information about every contest at the Sport page.
Find detailed information about each competition and how to register on the page Sport > Registration. Click on “reserve” to get all information detail by contest

◊ Is there are bathromms at the competitors camping

Yes, bathrooms are just next by the competitors camping

WARNING: companions are not allowed on the competitor campsite and it is forbidden to introduce any type of drink or food.

◊I already have my ticket for Saturday evening, can I register for the competitions without taking the pack including the concerts?

No, however, you can resell or give your Saturday evening ticket to a loved one.

◊ Where and when the official results of each competition will be published?

The results of each competition will be published on Facebook events dedicated to each sport.

In case of festival cancellation due to COVID-19 you can keep your competition registration for next edition or ask to be fully reimbursed.

You can buy your ticket for the Saturday night concerts at a reduced price (limited) and at normal price until June 22 on our website ticket office linked here. You can also buy your ticket at the full price of €35 directly on site or on our website until June 25th.

◊Is there a student / job seeker / disabled rate?

No. Tickets are available at discounted rates until sold out.

◊Is there a rate dedicated to Works Councils?

For any such request, you can contact us at

◊ Can we attend the finals on Saturday evening without having a concerts ticket?

No, the tickets include access to the concerts and all the finals. The two are not separable, being on the same site and combined over time.

◊ Tickets are nominative. If I have an issue coming, can I give / resell my ticket anyway?

Yes. Even if the tickets are nominative, there is no identity check at the entrance. You can therefore give away or resell your ticket.

◊ Do you have a resale site dedicated to the festival?

No, but you can post your resale ad on our partner Ticket Swap website, which guarantees a 100% secure resale process for the seller and the buyer.

◊ Can I show my Saturday night ticket on my phone?

Yes, and it’s even recommended (let’s save trees!), but be sure to have enough battery and to have downloaded your ticket in advance to avoid network problems!

In case of festival cancellation due to COVID-19, you can keep your ticket for next edition or ask for a full refund.

◊ Can we attend the sport finals on Saturday evening without having a ticket for the concerts?

No, the tickets include access to the concerts and all sport finals. The two are not separable, being on the same site and combined over time.

◊ How to access the site where highline, enduro and BASE jumping take place?

Come and discover these three incredible disciplines on a single spot near the Natural Games village! Go to the Brunas paragliding take-off area car park, from Creissels village. On your way there is a landing area and 5min walk east a magnificent viewpoint on the cliffs of the BASE Jump exit «Pachamama» located above the 60m high «renard» cave. Once you arrive to the take-off area, go to the dedicated reception for all the information. To reach the highline spot, follow the GR71 D from the take-off area going east. Sit on the cliff borders above the «facteur» track to admire these tightrope walkers. All around the Brunas site, find the Enduro adult and Enduro Kids mountain bike racing specials.
Before going up, remember to stop by the NG village reception to obtain all the details on the BASE Jump and Highline demonstration moments depending on the weather conditions.
Car pool at the NG village reception point
Car access: 15 min
Approach walk: 5 min (easy access)

◊ Can I come in with food ?

Yes, but you will also find great cuisine inside the festival !

◊ Can I come in with drinks ?

Yes, except alcoholic beverage. In addition, your softs must be in reusable containers.

◊ What is prohibited inside the festival?

Here is a list of prohibited items which will therefore be confiscated and destroyed without the possibility of return at the entrance to the festival:

  • Single use plastic bottles
  • Container made of glass, metal, plastic of any type after 5pm
  • Alcohol
  • Weapons, explosive, flammable or volatile substances
  • Sharp, pointed or blunt objects
  • Tools that can be used as projectile
  • Folding chairs, big bag and camping gear
  • Bikes, skateboards, rollerblades and all motorized or non-motorized gear (except competitor bikes)
  • Drones
  • Signs or banners of a political, ideological, religious or advertising nature
  • Motorcycle helmet

For everyone’s safety, a body pat-down and a bag search will be mandatory. Anyone refusing this control will be denied access to the festival. You can report at any time to the many security agents, police officers or staff of the festival, any element or behavior that seems suspicious to you.
Any aggressive, insulting, offensive attitude or giving rise to illegal acts is strictly forbidden on site. Any offender will be expelled from the festival and handed over to the authorities.

◊ Is the way out is permanent ?

No, you can enter and leave the site without restriction, even on Saturday evening, as long as your bracelet is firmly attached to your wrist.

◊ Are pets allowed on site?

No, even during the day exepted guide dogs.

◊ Can minors enter alone?

There are no strict restrictions on minors access, however, it is highly recommended that they are accompanied by an adult. The festival cannot be held responsible in case of accident.

Si vous êtes photographe professionnel.le ou amateur et que vous souhaitez photographier notre événement, envoyez une demande à

If you are a journalist and would like to cover our event, send a request to

◊ How to become volunteer ?

Follow our dedicated Facebook page and complete the registration form when the time comes!

◊ I have some time before/after the festival, can I come and give you a hand?

Definitely ! We always need an extra pair of arms, whether it’s just before or just after the festival. All the goodwill are welcome